abstract polyhedron

абстрактный многогранник

English-Russian scientific dictionary. 2008.

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  • Polyhedron — Polyhedra redirects here. For the relational database system, see Polyhedra DBMS. For the game magazine, see Polyhedron (magazine). For the scientific journal, see Polyhedron (journal). Some Polyhedra Dodecahedron (Regular polyhedron) …   Wikipedia

  • Dual polyhedron — The dual of a cube is an octahedron, shown here with vertices at the cube face centers …   Wikipedia

  • Noble polyhedron — A noble polyhedron is one which is isohedral (all faces the same) and isogonal (all vertices the same). They were first studied in any depth by Hess and Bruckner around the turn of the century (ca. 1900), and later by Grünbaum. Classes of noble… …   Wikipedia

  • Hexahemioctacron — Type Star polyhedron Elements F = 12, E = 24 V = 10 (χ = −2) Symmetry group Oh, [4,3], *432 Index references …   Wikipedia

  • Octahemioctacron — Type Star polyhedron Elements F = 12, E = 24 V = 12 (χ = 0) Symmetry group Oh, [4,3], *432 Td, [3,3], *332 …   Wikipedia

  • Regular polytope — In mathematics, a regular polytope is a polytope whose symmetry is transitive on its flags, thus giving it the highest degree of symmetry. All its elements or j faces (for all 0≤ j ≤ n , where n is the dimension of the polytope) cells, faces and… …   Wikipedia

  • Polytope — Not to be confused with polytrope. In elementary geometry, a polytope is a geometric object with flat sides, which exists in any general number of dimensions. A polygon is a polytope in two dimensions, a polyhedron in three dimensions, and so on… …   Wikipedia

  • Group action — This article is about the mathematical concept. For the sociology term, see group action (sociology). Given an equilateral triangle, the counterclockwise rotation by 120° around the center of the triangle acts on the set of vertices of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Hemi-icosahedron — Infobox Polyhedron Polyhedron Type=abstract regular polyhedron Face List=10 triangles Edge Count=15 Vertex Count=6 Symmetry Group=A5 Vertex List= Dual=hemi dodecahedron Property List= non orientableA hemi icosahedron is an abstract… …   Wikipedia

  • List of regular polytopes — This page lists the regular polytopes in Euclidean, spherical and hyperbolic spaces.The Schläfli symbol notation describes every regular polytope, and is used widely below as a compact reference name for each.The regular polytopes are grouped by… …   Wikipedia

  • Point groups in three dimensions — In geometry, a point group in three dimensions is an isometry group in three dimensions that leaves the origin fixed, or correspondingly, an isometry group of a sphere. It is a subgroup of the orthogonal group O(3), the group of all isometries… …   Wikipedia


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